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Direct Response Landing Pages

Smart Marketers Focus on Building Their Lists, and List-Building Starts with a High Converting Landing Page...

The formula is simple right?  We turn our website traffic into leads, and our leads into sales.  And there's no better way to grab those leads than with a professionally designed lead capture landing page.

All too often business owners fail to focus on capturing leads and as a result they let 99% of their website traffic visit their page and then disappear into the Internet abyss without ever being able to contact them again.

And that's where SMART marketers are different.

Smart marketers focus on lead acquisition first.  Once you capture a lead, you can follow up with them, offer quality content and advice, and build a relationship with them.

Building a relationship with your leads earns trust, and trust earns the sale!  Very few people will purchase any product or service from you on their first visit to your website.  So it's your job to earn their trust.


Attract - Focus on generating the right traffic to your website.  The right traffic will be those who are interested in what you have to offer.  This is done with the right "target audiences" and advertising message.

Like - People buy a PERSON... not a product or service.  It's your job to show people who you really are through your web content, videos, and social media.  If a person likes you and they're aligned with your core values, that's when they feel a deeper connection to you.  Be yourself and don't be shy!

Trust - Offer guarantees, show social proof that what you offer helps people solve their problem. Showcase some testimonials from previous customers who raved about your product or service.

We're really nice people and we'd love to help.  Don't be shy.  Reach out!



"Dear Dave, All I can say is WOW! I am super impressed, not just the look and feel of the site (which is phenominal) but I sincerely appreciate your fantastic communication over the last few days since placing my order.

I will be sending a lot of business to you in the future."

- David Stowers
Grand Rapids MI


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You've Seen What I've Done For Others... Now Let's See What I Can Do For You!

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